Lions Club Allahabad Distt 321-E Felicitates Amit Wahi

Posted: March 9, 2010 in updates

Lions clu of Allahabad Felicitated Sri Amit Wahi Who was was on Board a Merchant Navy Ship was Hijacked by Somalian Sea Pirates. He was in there captivity for 111 days.Local media had turned up in large numbers to hear the harrowing tale of a brave Indian. Amit narrated his ordeal 7 some of the pictures captured from a camera tell all the hardship faced by the young chap. He said that he even had a date with destiny when a bullet fired by the pirate nearly killed him.the pirates were barbaric & every time used to threaten him & other crew menbers of killing them if their demand for ransom was not met.Earlier meeting was called to order by president Lion Anil Srivastava.Amit Wahi & Ln Anil Srivastava lighted the lamp  after his welcome address Lion Veenu Kohli introduced Amit Wahi to the audience & the press. Amit Wahi thanked the Media & the press for their unclinching support & due to the pressure built by the them his early & safe release was possible.Ln VP Marwah who was master of Ceremonies requested the media to continue highlighting this point in press so that governments may take action against these sea pirates so that none should again be subjected to such hardship. Media assured him that they will not be lagging behind in this regard. Prominent persons who felicitated Amit wahi were Advocate Ln G.D.Sinha,Ln Santosh Mittal.LnR.N.Sinha,Ln Manoj Ramnani, Ln Manish Kohli,Ln Sudhir Kumar,Ln Meenakshi Srivastava, Ln Puja Kohli ,Ln Bhawna Ramnani & city corporaters MRs Abha Diwedi,Mrs Shaila Begam Sri Asmat Kamal, Sri Shailendra Diwedi


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