Membership Crises in Lions Clubs

Posted: March 21, 2010 in 1

We take great pride for the fact that we are the Largest service organisation of the world. But can we relaxe.No,Inspite of sops & the tremendous efforts of Global Membership Team(GMT)we are still not able to reach 1.4 million.It means that something is lacking,either in our efforts or in our District & club level membership team.We still have to reachout to unrepresented areas around the globe,at least where the potential exists.We can appoint full timers maybe on some honorarium for this specefic job.Their one point programme should be to gather service loving citizens of the area & explain the concept or rather the phylosophy of Lionism.These fulltimers must be result oriented & held accountable to LCI & work independently.However they can involve MERL teams at region and district level if desired

To start with we also have to seriously work on our membership detention programs on a continual basis and LCI should appoint independent evaluators for the clubs and suggest remedies for membership retention.for any plan to succeded follow up is very important which i feel is lacking every.lets awake! MY good whishes to all the lions of the world..


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