Pushpa Swaroop Elected unanimously

Posted: April 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

Ln Pushpa swaroop was elected VDG II of district 321-E at the annual district conference held at Varanasi.Lions Club of Allahabad was the first club to extend wholehearted support & gave her the resolution.As the unanimous choice she polled a handsome positive vote.At the same convention Ln KLK Chandani was elected District Governor & Ln Nitin Yasharth as VDG I with great number of positive positive.Club was greatly involved in the campaign of these three candidates & their win was a morale booster for the club.President of the club Ln Anil Srivastava along with senior Lion members Ln VP Marwah.Ln Manoj Ramnani.Ln Radhey Marwah.Ln Sudhir Kumar.Ln Subhash Srivastava.Ln Manish Kohli.Ln Prem Khar.Ln Taruna Marwah.Ln jaya kumar have felicitated Ln KLK Chandani.Ln Nitin Yasharth& Ln Pushpa Swaroop on their election 7 wished them the very best of luck in all their endeavours

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